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Nomad Series - Ocean

Interior and exterior perspectives, with or without diesel engine, from different points of view on the boat. Handling of manual and electric winches, rigging noise, different wind and sea forces.


45 files and around 2 hours of recordings in Ambisonic B-Format (Ambix) 96Khz - 24 bits.


Product content :


  • A quick WeTransfer link for downloading B-Format audio files (Ambix)
  • Recording lists in .Pdf and .Xls formats
  • Reference images of individual recordings

Nomad Series - Ocean

Excluding GST/HST
  • Technical details

    Microphone : Sennheiser Ambeo 

    Recorder : SoundDevice MixPre6

    Format : B- format ambisonic Ambix 24 bits 96 kHz

    Nbr files : 45

    Size : 8 Gig

    Duration : around 2 hours of recordings

  • Keywords

    Boat Ocean North Atlantic Sea Monohull Catamaran Wind Sails Rigging Water on hull Foam Wave Cracking Boom Winch Navigation Interior and exterior perspective

  • UCS tags


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