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Biquette Studio specializes in the creation and development of multimedia projects of all kinds, from the most extravagant to the most corporate.

Combining content creation, artistic, project management and technical audio skills, we love all the ideas that come from the heart.

Biquette Studio is born from the desire to materialize the creative ideas that keep arising around us, thanks to a rigorous and realistic approach.

neo travel your mind

Our current project

A one-of-a-kind meditation app that combines meditation and travel. After trying a lot of this kind of apps, and not being satisfied, we decided to create our own, with two programmers and a meditation teacher.

We made it different, creative, interactive and narrative.  What an adventure! 

With 3D soundscapes, Neo Travel Your Mind transports you in the most beautiful places in the world.  

Our experience at your service

We like to work on our ideas and also yours.

Benefit from our experience in multimedia project development, organizational development, organization of production processes and structure of content for your projects.

The Biquettes

The members of Biquette Studio have extensive knowledge and experience as content conceptualization and creation as well as audio design (video games, sound design).

This technical and creative expertise fosters strong and original collaboration within the Biquette Studio Team.

Sylvie Creative Director

She has the ideas, the project management skills to make them happen, the artistic sensitivity and  turns everything into concepts.

She is the DESIGNER.

Fabien Technical Director 

He has more ideas (so many!), the enthusiasm, the technical skills and the passion for audio recording.


We work with composers, sound designers, musicians, actors and content experts

to provide turnkey projects. 

Say Hello

Biquette Studio,

Montreal, Canada

514 995-6422

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